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Backwoods fragrances - anyone tried these?


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I got Black Irish, which I know I love. :yay: I'm also getting:

Pumpkin Cornbread

Indian Summer

Rune Stone

Cranberries & Spice

Sugar Plum Fairy

Spiced Wassail

Has anyone tried those in wax or bath and body? What did you think?

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I received the Pumpkin Cornbread in a tart swap and immediately fell in love and ordered. I've put it in cp, and it's really a nice clean scent. Other than wax and cp, I haven't put it in anything else. It's a keeper.

Can't help on the others.

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Pumpkin Cornbread- I love love love this scent! Strong throwin GB 415, will be soaping it soon :)

Indian Summer- A nice autumn scent.....woodsy, but not too woodsy if that makes sense?

Rune Stone- I think this is a nice unisex scent. It had a good throw.

Cranberries & Spice- havent tried or smelled yet :(

Sugar Plum Fairy-smells GREAT OOB but havent put it in wax. I plan on testing it this weekend.

Spiced Wassail- GREAT scent. I had a wonderful throw with this one. A nice holiday scent.

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