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Bomb throwers for c-3?


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Hello everyone!

I use c-3 and would love to know the bomb throwing scents you use for your c-3.

I need to get some new scents......

I love the rustic woodsy scents, bakery scents and vanillas....I'm open to any and all suggestions....I would also like to get some clean/fresh scents and don't have any florals, so that too....

Thanks so much!;)


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Guest LightofDawn

Here is a few that throw like crazy for me in C3.

Peaks - Ocean

Peaks - Downey Fresh

CS - Very Vanilla

CS - Cranberry Marmalade

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Creme Brulee-CS

Cranberry Marmalade-CS

wildberry mousse-CS

Vanilla Bourbon-brighter scents

vanilla and fresh berries-brighter scents

sage and citrus-lonestar

apple jack and peel-lonestar

A lot of JBN fragrances throw really well in C3 also but too many to list.

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