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For those that do the aroma ornies car fresheners


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is the reason for using the candle dye (oil based) is that fo is oil based as well, so therefore b&b dyes are water based and won't mix.

Nope you are absolutely correct!! :cool2:

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You have to use candle dyes. But make sure you use them spairingly or the colors will be way to dark. Regina

This is true. On my first try, I mixed 4 oz of beads and 1 oz FO in an 8 oz mason jar....was trying to achieve a med. blue color, put (2) drops of navy liquid dye, and it turned out a deep dark blue.....should have known better...so I quickly added more beads and FO and lightened the color up a bit.

BTW, I put the beads in the jar, added the FO...then dropped the dye on top. Then I immediately put the lid on and shook it all up well, the dye blended in very well. I don't find it necessary to first mix the dye and FO only, unless I'm using less than a drop of dye. Just make sure you use a jar large enough to give you some shaking room...i.e. don't fill it to the brim with beads and FO.

Since you haven't made these before, HTH.

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I have used the soap dyes on occasion, they do color the beads. You do have to use alot of dye but you get nice pastel colors. I tried it because I had someone order lilac ornie and you can't get light purple with the colors I had so I thought what the @#%@. Very pretty. I do like the more vibrant colors of the candle dyes though.

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