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I have to share!!!!!!

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I can't believe this. Remember the other day I wsa looking for fish oil and then I posted about our pharmacy wanting me to recreate this balm. http://www.craftserver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70845

Well I took it to the pharmacy on Monday. The pharmacist tried it on his hands as they were really chafed, red and raw. He's been using it since Monday and its healing his hands and quickly at that. He wants more. The pharmacists likes my balm a 100% better. He said he was very unhappy with the price of the other balm and extremely unhappy at the fact that the water in it seperated and stayed on the top. If I package this it costs me $1.53 for 2 oz., this other company was selling 2 oz. for 25$. If he packages it cost me $1.06. And even when I mark it up 300% it costs only as much as 2 oz. for 1 #. Give or take a few.

Now if I understand what I have read correctly in PA as long as the pharmacist packages and labels the balm I am not liable for anything. I make it sell it to him and he does the rest. So he bought all I had left Which was approximately 10 oz. for $22.00.

The reason they got the original cream was for cancer patients. He is going to talk to the Dr. who reccomended the first cream and have him write scripts for the cream I made instead. Gosh I feel kind of honored!

I just had to share with you all.

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That is fab! Congrats.

btw, did the fish oil make the balm smell fishy? I remember years ago trying a dish made by a co-worker of mine who comes from Thailand who used it in a lot of her cooking, and it definitely tasted fishy.

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