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Oops forgot the FO!


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I attempted to soap SJP's Lovely. Thought I had the perfect colors for it, some UM pink and purple, got everything all colored and poured into the pot. Looked over a little to the right and saw the FO sitting there. Damn! Didn't want to mix it in and mess up the colors, so this one is an unscented goat's milk CP. Once again, cut way too early and soft!

the bottom (why is the top always too blurry to post?)


and cut


I made another batch... I poured the FO into the GM so I wouldn't forget it!! It's in the freezer... without the pink, just purple and cream.

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Here's SJP Lovely as of today! I put it back together as best I could to try to see some of the swirls, but they're very faint. Oh well, still don't have a pretty swirl for this FO, but it's a nice chocolate color. Looks like brownies!



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Oh wow, how did I miss this one? Sorry to see your second batch turned brown on you, what a shame, cuz the colors were so pretty. But hey, I bet it still smells great!

Your first one turned out terrific, I love the colors. Don't ya just hate when you see the fo sitting on the counter AFTER you've poured and swirled....ugh.

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