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My own variation on Ladysj's avacado soap

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These have just been cut and trimmed, need to be cleaned yet.

I fell in love with Ladysj’s avocado soap she sent to the Essence of Nature swap, so had to try my own variation. Scenting was a problem, I was considering an herbal/citrus blend but didn’t want it smelling like guacamole so wound up blending some violet, lotus, rose, and musk. I asked my husband abut the scent when I first mixed it… his response was “it smells like soap”… so I’m guessing it smells clean, LOL.

It needs a name, and sugestions?

Thanks for looking


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Thank you everyone

I LOVE guacamole, LOL! Seriously, those are lovely GA! Keep up the good work.


So do I, but I don’t want to bathe in it, LOL.

My biggest disappointment is that I asked my husband to pick the avocado up, because he NEVER buys just one of anything. I was planning a big bowl of guacamole! But all he brought home was one little avocado…

Ladysj, your soap is lovely, nothing wrong with it at all! Well, except its almost gone now.

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I like that name too. Avacodo blossom sounds fitting from the scents too. :)

Beautiful soap!! I have a special place in my heart for anything colored that shade green. It's the color I've been using in the bathroom in one way or another for, forever. Beautiful! :)

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These look FABULOUSO!!! Love that green color too, Cheryl! I was going to say Avocado Flower when I looked at it... but Avocado Blossom sounds sooooo much better. LOL

The description of the scent combo sounds real nice. Way to go woman!!!

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