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I'm hoping to start on making up my samples to give out in a few days. I was thinking of leaving them unscented since I have no idea what different customers like but, I think that would take away from the product. Some type of fragrance would make it sell better IMO.

So I'm trying to think of a scent that let's say would appeal to most of the customer population. Some thing that isn't over powering. I was thinking along the lines of maybe coconut or something similar. The mango papaya went over really well with quite a few customers.

TIA for any help.

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I agree... Vanilla. As boring as it is- it is the all time fave of the majority of people. At least, the all time agreeable, lol.

Would it be too much trouble to offer at least one other variation? If so I would offer something that everyone is familiar with so that their 'judging' of it won't be based on straight up dislike of the scent, if they know what to expect. For instance if it was me, I'd probably offer something like an Irish Spring dupe, or a sophisticated but not too fussy fruit scent.

As opposed to say, a more unique scent like maybe an Ocean/Marine type. I might judge it according to if I like the scent FIRST then every thing after that will be colored by initial impression, and thats assuming i'm willing to go any further with the sampling. But most fruit scents are tolerable and most brand name soap scent dupes like 'Ivory' are well received. Some say 'Ivory' doesn't smell at all- yet you can buy the fO dupe, lol. And if given the choice i'm going to be more open to one or the other.

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Lavender and vanilla are very nice and sell good

I also use watercress & aloe from natures garden for soap, body scrub % lotion for those who don't care for sweet food scents and it is a hit with those customers.

My biggest sellers in soap scents



rosemary mint

watercress & aloe




blackraspberry vanilla

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