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  1. Woo hoo don't you just love it when you are required to turn yourself into a mad scientist to make soap? I would suggest that you try it several different ways. Maybe try it like you were originally instructed, then try adding it at trace mixed into a little water. I've never tried the powdered DSC, but I hope it works out for ya. Let us know and don't forget to post pics!
  2. Ladies ladies!!! You HAVE to pamper yourselves sometimes. For me, it is a looooooooong hot shower sampling different bars of soaps.
  3. If you are making the soap to look pumpkin color then yes you would need to still add the canned pumpkin. Otherwise yu can just tout the benefits of the PB since it's hydrogenated PSO. HTH
  4. I absolutley adore mine! I made one with a patch and orange blend that makes my skin feel so soft. I made another batch with orange and coconut that smells distinctly like lemon bundt cake suprise from BCN, only it smells a bit better! LOL That second batch is just about ready to use too.
  5. This recipe absolutley ROCKS!!!!! Thanks for sharing! I made my version of this using the prime cocoa butter I got in the co-op, OMG!!!!! It is so awesome I love it. It is a little harder than I really would like it to be but I know that comes from the high CB and it is REALLY cold in my house all the time. I used it last night after my shower and I can still feel the moisturising 12 hours later! I'm off to try a version with my pumpkin butter now!
  6. Not Top but... http://www.millersoap.com/
  7. Had to bump this! I am ordering exotic butters on Friday and I want to try to incorporate some of them into this rec. thanks for sharing!
  8. I believe that Cathy says that the BN gives the WS an pearlescent appearance and a nice slip to the finished product as well. But I could be wrong. Check out the video, she explains why she uses each ingredient.
  9. I will say this one thing about them and that is this...I got the sheets of paper and the box they sent it in is about 10 inches longer than the paper. When they packed it up, they didn't put anything in the box to keep the paper from shifting or to support the shape of the box so one end of the box (but not the paper)was smashed and you could see into the box. Other than that though, no complaints!
  10. http://www.kelseiscreations.com/page3.html This one is running $55 on sale right now.
  11. I was playing with a 90% shea bar just the other day and scented it with sweet pumpkin spice from peaks and pumpkin nog from JS. Ofcourse since I was soaping shea, I can't truly tell you if it accelerated, but man I had to put that soap under the sink because the smell was making me soooooooooooooooo hungry!
  12. *giggles* I never even noticed that but I suppose you have a point. But I promise you will get high quality freezer paper not toilet paper! LOL
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