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C & S $5 oils


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I ordered a ton. I just couldn't pass on this deal. I got the rhubarb apple one too, and I agree, it smells great OOB. I probably won't have time to get many of these into wax before Christmas, but hopefully I'll get a few. My favorite so far is "Black Gnger and Bamboo."

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I had my last show on Sat so those are done, working on special orders today, have tomorrow off, so hopefully I can play with some more of them tomorrow.The Northwoods one smells really nice OOB.

We've gotten 12" of snow today, its still snowing:undecided so I ain't goin' nowhere til tomorrow night so what else do I have to do!! I do have to venture out to the PO but hopefully someone will come dig us out.

I hope everyone who lives in a warm climate enjoys it:D

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This how they describe it:

An awesome infusion of raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and huckleberries

It's fruity with something else, smells nice! I'm gonna make some melts with it today, I'll let you know what it smells like in wax.

The Rhubarb Apple is so strong!! Can't wait to try in a warmer!!

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I bought some when Starring did the co-op.

Cedar Spice wood---loved it. Mixed well with cranberry and very strong

Purple Basil Cilantro--haven't mixed with wax yet but smell great oob

Cherry Jubilee--light scent

Mulling Spice and Sugar--strong "dull" spice smell oob...maybe in wax the sugar will pop out.

White Peach and Hibicus- smells great oob haven't mixed yet.

I have some more coming but they haven't arrived yet. Ginger

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they are back on sale until the 31st. anymore reviews? looking to buy some springy/summer oils. here are some that i have already put into wax & tried.

the hazelnut creme is awesome in pure soy.

the cinnamon spice & everything nice is awesome in pure soy.

the spiced pumpkin nectar is awesome.

the cedar spice wood is awesome.

the cranberry balsam is very light.

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Has anyone soaped any of them?

Most of the ones that I got say they are not safe for bath and body products. Only 4 of the 30 or so that I got are soap safe.

I have not had a chance to play with these yet. I put blackberry & grapefruit in wax, and that did well, and I made some aroma beads with the black ginger and bamboo (love this one). Other than that, I haven't done anything yet! It is on my mega to-do list.

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Bump for more reviews? I'm trying to decide if I want to place an order here or at Bert's. I can only afford one right now.

Also they recommend adding fragrance to IGI 4794 at 200 degrees. Isn't that hot enough to burn the fragrance off? I usually add at 175-185.


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here are some more reviews. i use gb415 soy, 1.5oz. pp. these have all throwen awesome for me.


fusion sea

moon & stars

morning lily

coral lily

clean air- not that great imo


strip tease- very light oob, but it does have a great throw.

light blue



forest brook

harvest spice & apple

shanghi spiced tea

4 leaf clover

luck of the irish

sheer ozone

some i didn't have very good luck with so far.

cranberry balsam

rhubarb apple

sweet & sexy

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Carol-if you got the Rhubarb Apple at the sam etime I ordered my last batch, they might have sent you the wrong one. The last 2 I got where not Rhubarb Apple. If the one you have is not a strong, sour slightly apple smell to it, it's not RA. I called them & talked to Barbara & she sent me the correct ones after she found out that it was wrong. Rhubarb is VERY strong!!

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