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A Couple More Tilted Forever Rustic Sets


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All of these Forever candles are pretty. I had to try to make one.

I used a straight sided votive cup and palm wax.

I put the cup in my 3" round mold unpside down.

I let the wax cool to 130. Poured just fine.

When it was done, the sides are cracked.

What might be causing the cracks?

What kind of wax are you using for these?

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Anjie, more lovely rustic sets - you really have got a good thing going here. :highfive: I like the small size as well. I love the fact that your white layer is really "white" (if that makes sense) and you must have poured the coloured layer at the perfect temp so no noticable bleeding into the white. Did you swirl the white up the side a bit and this covered a small part of the coloured area? Hope you do not mind if I ask a couple more questions : Do the candles glow at all when the t-lite is lit and do you scent the whole candle or just the t-lite? Thanks. Sarah:smiley2:

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