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Lotion bars too soft & greasy, can I add


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I've never actually seen stearic in a lotion bar recipe...

Try upping (or adding if you don't have it in the recipe already) your waxes to harden it up, and a little cyclo or IPM to counter greasies. An alternative for the latter would be to use lighter oils. What oils/butters are you using at the moment?

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Hey Carrie - I have seen a recipe that uses cornstarch in the lotion bars, maybe you can add that. Did you use the recipe that calls for wax, butter and oil in 3rds?

I'm gone for the weekend so here's the recipe. I think from the archives here on CT, sorry I don't have the name to give credit to.

6oz recipe done in 3rds

add 1/2 to 1 tsp cornstarch

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Here is a recipe that I used

4 oz Beeswax

4 oz Shea Butter

4 oz Coconut or you can divede this and add Sunflower or Grapeseed What I did was add 3 oz Coconut and 1/2oz of Sunflower and 1/2 oz Grapeseed to equal the 4 ounces.

2 tsp fragrance oil.

Melt Butters & wax allow to cool before adding color and scent

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If you go too high on BW it gets tacky, but I would def start there. I personally hate starch in lotion bars - it's a weird texture thing.


In future batches you could try subbing some kokum or even cocoa butter for some of the shea, or dropping the oils a bit. Depends on how dramatic a change you want.

Also, I kinda consider my FO to be a part of the oils, so you might decrease the oils by the amount of the FO you add BTW, the FO shouldn't be over 1% of your total batch IMO, and if I'm doing the math right (and I may not be, I've been drinking wine) you have it at 3%.

(right? 2 tsp ~ 10 grams; 12 oz butters/oils ~ 340 grams; 10/340*100 ~ 2.9%)

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