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1st Indoor Show of the Fall


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Thanks goodness, finally indoors again. This shows 2nd yr and it had different organizers. And they weren't nearly as organized as last yrs group. Still did OK. 6x fee. Sold the dickens out of ornie air fresheners. Had to set up this morning early and found out last night soon to be ex-DH has the tub with my show tablecloths. Did the best I could with what I had. What do you think of my boat for votives? I've always had problems figuring out a nice way to display votives. At least now I know what I need to do to be ready for my next show in 2 weeks.





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I think the boat works well with your company name. I can't find my regular tablecloths either and I looked everywhere! I will be "making do" tomorrow as well and ordering new ones. :sad2:

Six times booth fee sounds good to me and it's early in the season yet. I went to a large outdoor show today and people (myself included) are already thinking about Christmas gifts. Got my Mom and M-I-L covered today and they are always a pain as they don't need a thing.


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Love the boat idea!! What happens if you need more space for votives though? Do you upgrade to a yacht? ;)

We don't go indoors till the first weekend in November. Here on out it's two-day shows outdoors. Might I add, outdoor shows suck when it rains, except I think we're getting new table covers! :yay:

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Yep, the boat is a perfect display for those votives, really goes well with your name. :)

I think your set up looks awesome! You just found those table coverings around the house? Geesh, lucky you! :bow:

Can you get your reg. table coverings back from soon to be EX?

I guess you made some $$, 6x's your booth fee, that's great, whatever that may be. ;)

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