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need help with a name.

carol k

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Hey, tie-dye is a great name! & what an original mix you came up with! I might have to borrow that idea! Groovy Patchouli & Pink Sugar names, ok, here goes:(btw, do you call your Patchouli: Patchouli, or Groovy Patchouli?)

Pink Hippie

Sweet Hippie

Pink Sugar Trip

Pink Tripin

Sugaree (old grateful dead song)

Sugar Groovin'

Sugared Patchouli

Sugar Rush

Pink Flower Child

Pink Groovin

Groovy Pink Patchouli

Pink Patchouli (plain & simple, but I like it!)

I still like the Tye Dye idea!

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Hmmm..... I like Tye Dye too... imagine the color options! I'm thinking body parfait in a really really funky fun color mix!! I also like Sugared Patchouli, and borrowing from the suggested 'Pink Sugar Trip'... I like it as Sugar Trip. Pink Patchouli is good too.... you thought of them all scentsme! :highfive:

here are a few more ...

Hippie Chick

Sweet Patchouli

Wild Child Pink

Pink Patchouli Haze

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how does tie dyed pink hippy sound? still not sure on the name there are so many great ones i just have to decide. i do a mix of vanilla bean & groovy patchouli & call it hippy chick. (found that on some board & borrowed it)

sorry scentsme i forgot to answer you questions. yes i call it groovy patchouli. sure go ahead & play with this combo. btw i did add alittle more patch to the mix. put it into some sprayable lotion this morning & i'm really liking it. of course i'm a huge mc pink sugar fan. thanks everybody for your suggestions.

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tie (or tye, I have no idea which is correct, but I'd guess tye) dye and pink are both descriptive of colors... so I don't know if they'd both work in the name... and that's a long name to remember. I have trouble with my name because it has too many letters though, so I'm probably not the best judge....

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