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Containers for Candles

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What is your favorite container for making candles in?

Is it your best selling container?

I thought about a poll but there are too many options. Thought this might be interesting.

My favorite is 16 oz apothecary's. Best seller is half pint wide mouth.

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My best seller is a 10 oz dodecagon jar it is a very nice classic look. I like to make jjs personally they burn beautiful for me and they always look so cute with a hang tag and some ribbon. I sell mostly tarts though which suits me just fine because i could make those all day if i had to.


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I like the 3" square frosted 9 oz tumbler the best. I think you'll find most people have a different answer. My thought was to go with something different from the normal round so the candles would stand out as being different. All the customers I have pick that square before any others I have so I guess I'm thinking on the right track.

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