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2nd batch... under my belt... can't get enough now


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Ok... 2nd batch... still can't get those swirls down pat... Grrrr..... one day I will though! LOL I'll keep trying! I used a different recipe, stuck with the basics on my first one. This one behaved nicely, but it seemed to take forever to trace! I thought I was going to burn out my SB. LOL Scented in Lemon Sugar from Solas


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I LUV the colors you achieved- Another great batch!! :highfive:

Yeah, but it wasn't what I was TRYING to achieve. LOL It's almost like I can't get my swirls in the middle. And I'm doing the layer thing, pour a bit, add the swirl color... pour a bit... add the swirl color... I think my next batch will be swirled in the pot. Gonna try that next to see what comes of it. I'm thinking.... CUCUMBER & IVY.... oh my... let me get soapin'!!!!

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if you find it takes too long to trace, start discounting your water amount.

Girlfriend... lol... I don't even know the first thing about discounting water!! LOL I'm just learning all this... I wouldn't know how to do that. LOL I know it's basically cutting back on your water, but how much do you know how to cut back? Will the soap calc calculate the correct lye percentage if I discount the water? See, I'm so clueless. :embarasse

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