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Taking the plunge, now where to buy a mold?


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CP soap virgin here, but I've finally ordered all the ingredients for Darwins Basic recipe, bought a stainless steel pot and tools, goggles, gloves the works...everything but a mold. Can anyone suggest a good mold to start out with and where to get it? I just want to start out with small batches to see if I can even get the hang of it? TIA

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I started out using boxes and small loaf shaped plastic containers. I'm always looking around the house for something I can pour soap in lol. Hubby just made me a wood log mold those are pretty simple to make if your handy :) Every time I go to a store I'm always looking for something for soap, dollar stores and those .99 stores are great for that, I found a nice container to use as a slab mold for .99 gotta love that :grin2:

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This is the first wooden soap mold I bought. good price and she has smaller sizes too.


My husband made me a 8x10 mold as well and it hold 4-5 lbs of soap. He wipped that up in about 15 min.

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Here is the ones I bought, these are 4#, but they will make whatever you want, 1#, 3#, slab....

Really nice molds, well made with love, you can tell and for the price, you get a lid too!

They custom made them for me and were shipped and arrived, all in 6 days

ETA: Oh and the girl is really sweet

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