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Need a September scent....


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I'm trying to come up w/ scents of the month...and I need a scent that says September! Let's see....Labor Day....kids back in school....not getting anything here. Yankee's scent for September is MacIntosh Apple...but I'm not feeling the love there....

Any ideas??


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I can't believe I'm already looking so forward to fall and it's not even officially summer yet!!

Amish Harvest, Apple Jack 'n Peel and Spiced Apples and Peaches all come to mind!

I hear ya! I'm testing Fall scents and I'm surely getting in the mood for cooler weather :)

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How about the Yankee dupe of harvest? THere's Home Sweet Home too.

I will admit Amish Harvest is quite good too.

I'd rather see what you've picked for each month and try to work that in rather than ummmm say pick the October and November scent.

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Lmbooo... well... yeah. I guess it would evoke that particular thought, lol. I wasn't exactly trying to mean pre school, lol. So I take it back. No 'No. 2':tiptoe:

Can I redeem myself by offering 'Saphire Skies' ? ( to make a blue candle and scent it a crisp fall/ ozone scent and call it that I mean) Saphire is the gem for that month.

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