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does anyone know where to find sink caddies?


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I hope you all don't mind, I am gonna vent for a minute here.

When I lived back east, I had a retail party goods store and I was a party planner. All my supply companies were in California, some in Texas and it cost me so much money (not as much as now) to ship my supplies and products.

NOW, that I move to the west coast, all the darn suppliers are on the east coast. Illinois, Ohio, NJ, NY, FL..... I think there is a conspiracy against me!!!

LOL :laugh2: Thanks for letting me vent that, I needed that

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I would LOVE to find something like that. I have ordered a number of the metal baskets from buhi imports. They are all great... good service. I was not able to find a metal "caddies" that were this small (to hold just 2 bottles). They are larger.

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You have a bunch load of fragrance mfg in NJ

You have sunshine packaging in NJ

This company they are talking about is in Ohio

I think WSP is in Ohio

Anchor Hocking Glass in Ohio

Fairway Glass is in Ohio

Jar Store is in the east

I think SKS is in the east

That is just the tip of the iceburg

Who do you know out west?

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