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Newbie has questions

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Hi folks, I just joined yesterday and wrote an introductory note on the General Candle Forum by mistake when I am actually dabbling in Soy. (Actually my wife and I are doing this together) We have only been doing this for a week and already got the bug. Nothing better than seeing a candle burn with a good MP. (Not even worried about scent throw yet) will test for that after a couple weeks of curing.

I have some questions that I could use some help with. but first I'll tell you what I am experimenting with. I am making 1.5oz samplers, 8oz Apothecary and 16 oz. Apothecary to start with. I am trying a blend of 60% NG Soy and 40% Joy. It really does make a good looking candle. Creamy and Smooth. and I'm still in the wick testing stage.

Thanks to your posts, I know how to handle air pockets around wicks (special thanks to Candle Man) and minimizing wet spots. Now to my questions:

1) How long after puring do you put the cover on the jar? Right away or after some hours? What is a good rule of thumb.

2) When you pour tarts, how long before you can pop them out of the molds? I have been waiting overnight.

3) With Soy, is it possible to do a tri color candle? Like the bottom third one color the middle a 2nd color, and the top a third color. I feel like if I let the bottom pour cure then pour the 2nd color, it would mix at the color line and spoil the effect. Or would it make an interesting effect? Any ideas?

4) Can you tell me what works best for you for marketing your candles. I am considering trying wholesaling, fund raisers, and Web Site. Any comments would be appreciated. I dabble on eBay (not with candles) just junk etc. eBay does not seem the be the place to get a fair price for a quality candle. If you have a web site, can you let me know if it is worth it.

We are going into this expecting it to take time to start making any money. We know it will be a long and tedious journey to get to where we want to be.

I am very excited to find this forum as it seems to be a place for folks with similar interests helping each other. Not enough of that going around these days.

Again, thanks in advance for you input.

It's 3 am and I have to get some sleep to go to my day job. I will look for any replies tomorrow.


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Well I can give you one answer lol number 3 about making tri colors with soy. I have done it with pillars and jars and they look great to me. the colors do not run together. I wait until the 1st color is set up and then pour my 2nd and so on. I do poke the relief holes with the last color

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MWBF ...

1. I put the lid on the jar when the wax is set and the jar is cool ... I usually pour at night and put the lids on the next morning.

2. I take tarts out of their molds when they are cool ... usually takes a couple of hours. If you experience problems getting them out, just put molds in freezer for about 5 minutes; they pop right out.

3. Tri-color candles with soy are possible. I just wait until each layer is set and has cooled ... then pour the next color.

4. For me: wholesale, fund raisers, some craftshows. I also private label for another crafter's homeshows and have been asked to private label for their website.

Blessings on your journey ... it's very exciting.

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I always put my tarts in the freezer for anywhere from 5-15 minutes and they pop out.

I am trying a different soy wax soon. It is a "pillar" or container soy way and I am thinking the tarts will pop out easier without having to put them in the freezer.

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1. When the candle is TOTALLY cool. If it is at all warm, it will screw up the top.

2. Again, when they have cooled. They will pop while still warm, but the crystalline structure of the wax has not hardened yet and the tarts will be more fragile.

3. Sure. You can make as many layers as you want. You can also make swirls and gradients.

4. Word of mouth is great. Real estate agents (homewarming gifts), school & hospital staffs (do you know someone who works there?) etc. are great places to market. Online, try ETSY. Fewer fees than eBay and you can direct traffic to your personal website from there. Shops that sell bath, home and garden accoutrements (particularly upscale artsy type places) are great. A large produce stand near us carries candles as well as other homemade goodies.

Good luck. Before you consider marketing and selling, be sure you have thoroughly tested your products (and containers have to be burned all the way down, not just halfway ;) ) and have the proper licensing, insurance and warning labels on your products. Once you have produced products that pass YOUR tests, start using friends and family as guinea pigs...oops... I mean, PRODUCT TESTERS.:DTorture test your stuff, attempting to see how your products hold up even if a mouth-breathing butthead buys one! Get opinions on fragrances, colors, what folks like, how much they would be willing to pay, etc. All velly useful information. Start keeping good records on your expenditures, including shipping costs and labor (not hourly wage but how long it takes to produce each item). Don't forget to include "hidden" things like depreciation of molds (particularly thin plastic ones which only last a dozen pours generally); the price of containers and all the costs included in getting them from the supplier to you; the time spent preparing the containers to be poured (washing, wicking, etc.); labeling costs, etc.

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Stella1952, thanks for so much info. We ARE going to take it easy as far as selling goes. I am a long way from that point, but never too early to put a plan in place.

The one big drawback to the whole thing is the shipping costs. I wish more suppliers offered USPS Parcel Post. UPS and Fed Ex rates are higher on average because they add a "fuel surcharge" The suppliers I have found so far that offer USPS along with UPS only offers Priority Mail which is higher than UPS ground. They get ya coming and going!

Does anyone know of Candle Suppliers in Florida?

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Many times if you call a supplier they are more than willing to send USPS.

KK, well, DUH!! Is my face red!!! :o I never thought of actually CALLING and ASKING!:o :rolleyes2

Many times, I knew the Flat-Rate USPS boxes would have been much less expensive to ship (and only 2 days to arrive!) than UPS or FedEx - especially when ordering a bunch of FO samples, small quantities of wicks, etc. from clear across the country! Just have to ASK - what a novel concept!:tongue2:

THANKS for the... ummm... WAKEUP call!:D

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