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Mowed Down Grass Pillars


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The one on the righ hand side is leaning, not because it is not even, but because I did not know that when I took the picture that it was setting on part of a catalogue. haha. I am going to have to put new lables because these ones seem to have bled a little and they keep sliding down because of this. I don't have anymore battery to take another picture and they have to go to their new owner tomorrow. Anyway, they are scented "Fresh Cut Grass" from candles and supplies.com. I renamed them "Mowed Down Grass".


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Those are very pretty!! I love the name Mowed Down Grass :laugh2: Who'd a thunk it. How do you fasten your ends together? I've used the cigar bands before do you find that the bottoms get banged/dinged up very easy?

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