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*Backwoods swap spoiler* Lemon Tart


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Ok - I am a lemon fanatic - and this stuff is just TOPS!! Chuggin it OOB was tempting (so I instead opted for a quick Bakers Square run for Lemon Merengue Pie, lol)

This pic was the 1st batch - looks great in the mold eh? HA!! The faeries found me! Think I may have poured too warm and had a loverly pool of oil on top come morning...drat... All isn't lost with them, just not what I had hoped for. Plus, I had the amount of bars I needed wrong for the swap and of course was short 1. *mumble grumble*

So - switched to a different recipe (the 1st was a primarily olive base) - let to it cool to room temp THEN poured... FABULOUS!! All 15 pounds of it!! This new batch doesn't have the pretty swirls (not from lack of trying :angry2: ) but looks so creamy and pretty. So too late to take pics, will add them tomorrow - but just cuz I loved the color and whispy swirls of the 1st batch I had to post.


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Ya know - it kinda sorta worked out that I had to make a 2nd batch cuz the scent didn't stay as strong as I really wanted it to. So, with the 2nd batch I added .5 oz of Lemon EO into the FO & they smell really lemony awesome now. No discoloration at all.

Looks great!

Does this scent hold in soap? Discolor? I need a good lemon for soap.

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