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Votive test burn, ok?

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btw, should test burn questions and piccies be on here or gallery. Wasn't sure whether gallery was just for finished beauties :)

I've got piccies of one of the votives I've made, at 1hour, 3hours and 6hours, although hardly any difference between 3 and 6 hours.

Do the burn look ok? bit lopsided at 6hours but not sure whether supposed to be completely flat:


votiveburn3hr.jpg 3hours


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Also, that holder is a little to big.

You see how the wax ran down between the votive & glass holder, now you have a much bigger candle than what you started with so that's what made that wick to small. You need to find a tighter fitting votive holder. The straight sided one's (you can find them at Wal-Mart in the craft section) hold the votive real snug with little room to rattle and very little to no room for wax to run down the side of the candle.

When checking the size of a propper fitting votive holder, do the rattle test. Place a votive in a holder and shake the holder, if the candle rattles, a lot, you need a tighter fitting holder, with little to no rattle.

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I agree. You need to wick up some and use a tighter holder. Think of a burning votive as a small container candle. After a couple hours, you should have a full melt pool. You should be able to see into the melt pool looking through the side of the glass, not have solid wax on the sides.

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ooh I'll try my 12's and see what happens.

You know, I never thought about votive holders for testing, it just happened to be one I had knocking around.

I'm in the UK so don't have a walmart, but will take a look in our Wilko's today, they have cheap stuff.

I did actually read something about if you make soy votives you need a tight holder, but didn't realise the same was for paraffin.

In future I fancy putting the wicks in first instead of pins anyway I think, so I'll get the wicks sorted, then need some sticky dots or glue gun.

OOh thats reminded me, with a glue gun, do I need a hot melt gun or low melt gun, a shop local has them and the woman asked, of course I had no idea :o

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