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Texas Soapmaker Convention


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Hello. I am an active member of the Texas Soapmakers Association and am co-Chair of the Advertising/Promotion Committee for the 2007 Annual Convention. I just joined this forum and was browsing around and found your post!!! I've actually been in the process of posting and spreading the word all day, so I'm so glad to see there are folks inquiring! Here's the official blurb for now:

"Please take notice that the 2007 Texas Soapmakers Association Annual Convention will take place in Houston, Texas on July 20 - 22, 2007. Catherine Failor, owner and CEO of Milky Way Molds, Inc. and author of "Making Transparent Soap" and "Making Natural Liquid Soap," will be the key-note speaker for this fabulous event. Check out our website at www.txsoapmakers.org for more information. The full weekend agenda and reservation links will be up within a few days."

Our full agenda was just loaded a few minutes ago, but we still don't have our registration links up . . . webmasters are so much fun!! :-) No offense, meant. I'm actually my own webmaster, so I'm the only one to blame when my business website is not updated, but the TSA is waiting on its webmaster to finish tweaking the registration links, etc. We're going to have a BLAST. Hope you all will come and join the fun!


Canyon Creek Soap Company


Paula Pearson

Texas Soapmakers Association

Advertising/Promotion Committee Co-Chair

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Yeah!!! I'm definitely going on the winery tour also. There are a TON of other activities in the general area of the convention hotel, shopping, dining, NASA space museum, etc. Something for everyone, so bring the family and make it a fun weekend for everyone!:highfive:

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Joy, I can't remember does the Hilton have a courtesy van that picks up at Hobby Airport?

I am not sure. I would imagine. If not, I'm sure some of us more friendly types could make arrangements to get you. I think I might be flying in from Boise, I plan on doing the IGCA convention first. I'll be there sometime Friday. I will have to see if I can meet up with Rachel in Dallas and ride down or not.


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I'll be there for sure! Probably get there Thursday and leave either Sunday or Monday. If you need rides from the airport, I bet the hotel will do shuttles. If not, yes, post and we'll get a list and figure out a way to get everyone carpooled over there!! That's part of the fun is the fellowship!!:highfive:

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