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Free Oils~From Pleasant Pluckers


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Has anyone gotten their newsletter from Pleasant Pluckers, they are sending out 2 free FO samples~Postage paid~ so you can try them! Brown Sugar And Fig and Pink Sugar!! Oh and how I love Pink Sugar!!!:drool: This must just be for people who sign up for their newsletters.

Sue Ann

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Back a few years ago on the scent review, their was a very long post about their customer service issues-the jist of it was simply - BUYER BEWARE! But I personally haven't used them, perhaps they have changed. And yes, someone did accidentally call them something that rhymes with pluckers, but I think it was a Freudian slip, as I believe it was one of the people who had a bad experience with them.


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I haven't used them for quite awhile, but they were always quick to ship and their oils were good, the only 2 I had the trouble with were Grandma's Kitchen (weak) but I think they got a new formula. And the Marijuana YUCK stinks really bad~strong)Their prices are great, and I think either someone new took over, or they are working on improving their product?? Like I said I never had a problem, here's the addy~


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