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Here's my scrub and lotion and body wash


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These were part of a big order (well big for me-LOL). She was really pleased with everything, but dang if I can't stop noticing that one label is higher than the other now that I have a pic. in front of me-it's driving me nuts! :tongue2:

Here are some other scrubs:


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Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love everything! You will certainly achieve the WOW effect! lol

You've gotta tell me about your colored sugar! C'mon, spill it...what'd ya do to it, where'd ya get it, etc etc?? (yep, i'm real nosey) It's just STUNNING & I keep going back to the pic just to look at it over and over. Makes me wanna go eat a bowl of cool whip with candy sprinkles!

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I don't know if Michi uses this, but I color mine and top with the colored sugar you get to decorate cookies and cakes. If you go to a Cake Supply store you can get a multitude of colors. I love it because it colors the scrub and is easy to use.

In one of my scrubs I use the colored jojoba spheres and they look awesome as well.

Michi, you scrubs and everything look great, bet your customer was HAPPY!!!


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Thanks for all the compliments! :)

I just use regular turbinado sugar and color it to "match" the scent. ;) Way cheaper than buying individual colored sugars, and super duper easy.

My scrub stays white even though I have the colored sugar throughout, I just fold it in very gently so as not to mix the color into the scrub itself.


OH, and YES, my customer was very happy-she loves my scrub, she says it's the only scrub she's ever been able to use since she has ultra sensitive skin-so that makes me ultra happy! :D

She bought 4 of them intending on giving 3 of them for gifts, but I think she ended up keeping 2 (at least!). LOL

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