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Hurricane Inserts??

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I can't give you the 'proper' answer but if its any help' date=' I did mine with a 4 inch t-bag cannister and a 3 inch 'gravy carton' :D[/quote']

LOL I'm not sure what a gravy carton is. I'm curious about this and where I could find a tea bag cannister that could be used for wax. I figured they should be an inch smaller than the mold.

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hiya :)

the gravy carton is just a round container that gravy granules come in. I popped the bottom out so it was a tube.

My t-bag cannister is just a stainless steel cannister that was appropriate at the time :) although hubby didn't agree with me lolol

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:) I'm having to use whats at hand at the moment for moulds, nothings save in my kitchen.

Hubby ran in and grabbed a pan from me the other day, shouting we need it for vegetables lol.

Yep, gravy is from the grocery store. You know, I've never wondered about that, do you use gravy much in america?

We have it on everything here ;)

it's only made of thick card, but it did the job. Any thing that size should do, thats tube shaped

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I use different sizes of inserts.....depending on what I am embedding....if I have large sea shells for example then I need a lot of room....so I use a smaller insert. If I just want some petals then all you need is 1/2" or even less.....just depends. I have had to have special inserts made for me......I also cut plastic bottles up....cut off the top and bottom for a round mold. You can use the round inserts in square molds too.....depending on what you are trying to do. I have cut oval shaped bottles for oval molds too. Then I got tired of that and had them made for me. I think that experimenting is half the fun of it. I love a challenge.....up to a point (smile).....Donita Louise

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