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I've been busy updating my site and thought I'd share a couple of items that tuned out cute.....

I saw this shoe and thought it was soooo cute. The heel came w/ chocolate truffles in it, I added a single use bubble bath, salt bath, and tealight to it. Can it get any better than a warm bath in the soft glow of a tealight, nibbling on chocolates- LOL



The first 2 baskets are donations and the 3rd was a customer request. I thought this Ultimate Boys' Bath Pack turned out so cute ... it has three glycerin soaps; two with insect embeds and a "free the fish" soap, green and blue bath tints inside a plastic car, a pair of tweezers, net, and bug examination container (to use once the bugs are free from the soap), bubble bath "dirt", plus a washcloth.






Thanks for looking! Now onto finishing up those dreaded taxes so I can make some soap!!!! *super banana*

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You've sure got the knack for putting the cutest sets together! :highfive: And they're always packed with good stuff.

Very cute boy set - love all the bugs and creepy crawlies. :cheesy2:

(Wah! :undecided You said the dreaded T word. Mine aren't done yet either....)

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You present your products so well Maryann-ALWAYS!

OMG I just love love love that boy's pack-you need to make a bunch of those, cuz I think the kids (even girls) would go crazy for that! :D

That shoe is too cute-never seen anything like that before-once again you are so creative!

And wow those other baskets are just laden down with goodies! I would LOVE to get a big ol' basket like that!


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