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Weekend soaps

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Thanks to my Secret Buddy, I was able to play with my new select shades! The top row : Solas Almond Biscotti with oatmeal. It smells like the real deal.

Next is Backwoods Lemon Tart with poppy seeds. This fo is the best lemon I have smelled!

Bottom row : Rosemary Mint from Serendipity. Very minty clean fo. The next is rebatched Lilac from Backwoods. Smells great but it accellerated. Not too bad for a first rebatch soap. The color is off but pink will do.


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You've made a nice assortment of colors and scents. That almond biscotti sounds real yummy. Looking good! :highfive:

How did you like working with the Select Shades? I've never used them, but thinking about giving them a go if I could ever justify purchasing them with all the other colorants I have on hand. :undecided They sure give good results from what I've seen in the gallery; yours included!

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Guest secretbuddy014

Those soaps are lookin good? What did you think of those select shades? Just wait til you really start messing with them. They rock!

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WOW, what a cool SB you've got there. You made some nice soap with your new colors!

I've been dying to try that lemon from backwoods, everyone is raving about it.

Hey, I did rosemary mint (from AH/RE) this weekend as well. I added lavender to mine though. ;)

Oh, and the pink on the lilac is good, there are pink lilacs you know! ;)

Very very nice all of them.


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