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Some soaps I've been working on

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This is several batches I have done in the last few weeks some is ok and some were train wrecks. I guess the mean nasty hateful soap faries have decided to homestead at my apartment but I'm moving in a few weeks and gonna try my best to leave them here lol

The first one I made last night it's cpop with green oxide and lime EO

The second picture is the same batch but I pulled this out and did something different with the swirl and the little rounds in the back was some that wouldn't fit in the mold so I dumped it in a mailing tube.

The third batch is CP Strawberry creme that I pulled out and didn't allow to jell before doing the rest of the batch in the crock pot

The fourth batch was the crock pot portion in the pot swirl and of course ugly brown.

The fifth one is a cp batch that was going to be Island Mango but I forgot the FO

The sixth one is showing some that I rebatched and added the Island Mango FO it was poured into a mailing tube for a mold

The last one is actually the second time I tried to do an Strawberry creme but it turned brown when it jelled yuck








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Wow! You are a true natural at making beautiful soap! That last photo, the one that was strawberries and cream.. it's GORGEOUS!! I haven't seen a soap pattern that I like more in quite some time.. you really did a fantastic job with all of these, but that last one is my favorite, even if it didn't turn out the way you thought it might!

*super banana*

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Thank you so much. I beat myself up about my soaps and candles I guess when they don't look like the picture I have in my head I get disapointed I guess we all do that.

I have really been suprised at how well my whole family likes my soap I barely get to let it set long enough to dry out before they want more. They have all stopped buying soap at the store and say they don't feel all dry and itchy any more so I guess this little hobby of mine is a good thing. They have all been telling they're friends about my soap and everyone wants some but I am a little timid just yet of selling to any one. I know what everyone in my family are allergic to so I know what to avoid but with others I don't have that luxury and I can't help but worry about it. I did agree to let the doctor my daughter works for use my soap because his hands are horrible from washing his hands all day and he took a bar home to his wife and she likes it too. But even that made me nervous I made sure he wasn't allergis to peanuts or latex first, until I started researching before making soap I didn't know that people who are allergic to peanuts and latex can possibly have a nasty reaction to shea. Maybe I worry too much lol. I think I'd rather worry to much than just throw my stuff out there and not be concerned about others but I don't think I could face myself in the mirror if I did that. Ok I'm prattling lmao I think it's old age that makes me do that yeah I'll stick with that it's my old age

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Your soaps look very nice! Love your colorings. :)

Isn't it fantastic to make something so luxurious yet so practical that others can enjoy? You are already getting feedback on the benefits of home made soap and soon you will find the demand for your soap increasing even more! You've got a great mindset about researching and learning like soapers should! I bet you will never tire of this "little hobby"....

...and neither will your family and friends. :highfive:

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WOW, you are a natural for sure!

I LOVE the look of the second one, but I think my FAV. would have to be the the third one, just LOVE that magenta color you got-what did you use for this color?

I really like the last strawberry as well-even if it is darker than you would have liked, it really is pretty. Maybe you could call it strawberries and molasses or strawberry musk, or choc. covered strawberries. ;)


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