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Hi All,

Does anyone use the USPS shipping option on Becky's new website? I added 11lbs to my basket and the shipping came to over $82 for standard airmail parcel post to the UK - but when I checked it out on the USPS website, it was only $55 for 12lb. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that shipping is really high or if it's just international customers?

I did email them, but got no response. I know Becky's ill but apparently it's business as usual there so I was surprised not to receive a reply - especially as I've ordered so much from them in the past.

If they have loaded almost $30 onto the shipping costs for international customers then that's gonna be a bummer. I won't be able to order from them anymore.


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I put a small item in my cart today and the shipping was over $7. I live in the same state. I know this item could be shipped USPS but her site says she doesn't ship USPS unless you are oversees. Needless to say I will find it elsewhere.:undecided

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hhmmmm. so much for a non-stop sale if the "savings" are loaded into the shipping costs. There is no way I can pay another $30 on top of the ACTUAL shipping costs when, as you said, all this stuff is available elsewhere.

It's a shame, their shipping never used to be a rip-off. It may be a genuine mistake on the basket configuration, but because I received no reply to my email - it's looking more likely that the constant sales are taking their toll on the profit margins, so a "stealth" charge is added to the shipping amount to make up for it. But geez.....$30 more???? Did they not think we'd notice??? Man, us brits MAY be stuck-up and reserved, but we AIN'T stooopid and we WON'T pay huge inflated shipping costs for no reason.

Rant over.

<<<<<skipping off to candlesource who has the best shipping rates around!


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I just purchased 8 lbs of scent from them and my shipping was $9.90. I am in NY. I also used the code SPRING to receive an additional 5% off $75 of the total order. I had gone back and forth on lowering the order and using the USPS shipping, but it worked out better for me to use the discount.

WAIT..I just checked out their site and it is 10% off of $50...better than what I got! :angry2: LOL


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I had the same question a while ago as I order from South Africa. Becky is really super, she is aware there is a problem and they are trying their best to sort it out. If you prefer not to order on the site, just email her. She gets back to you VERY quickly and always charges what USPS would charge. I have checked on my waybills plenty of times and there has never been a discrepancy.

Just email her - they really are good that way.:wink2:

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