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Need help with re-name


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I have 2 cases of Winter Candy Apple candles and want to rename them for the spring (I want to take them to a show next week) ... here is the scent description ...

Winter Candy Apple BBW Type--Amazing scent highlighted with fresh sweet/tart apple notes interact with cool base notes of fresh ozone and sweetened pineapple wrapped in a warm vanilla musk base. Body Safe.

I'm drawing a blank :undecided ... can't think of anything .... I need help desperately, I have to re-label asap. I'd be grateful for all the help I can get :bow: , TIA.

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Your post brought to mind

Candy Apple Blossom

if i think hard at it though, lol...

Apple Mellow

Apple Tree House

Roasted Apple Tart

Apple Nectar

Saucey Apple (kind of a play on apple sauce AND a saucy(sp?) woman, lol)

ok, i better quit there, lol.

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