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My new soap stamp...

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I just received my new soap stamp today. I got home and had to try it out.

It is a lot different then using the Milky Way stamps. You have to stamp the soap when it is still soft to get a good imprint.

The Gardenia soap is a bit hard to see the stamp in the picture.. you can see it better in person. I only had this pearl mica.

I also included a picture of my soap samplers. I had a local potter make the soap dishes. I stack 4-5 pieces of soap that were ugly end cuts or limited edition scents that I didn't sell out of. They are popular because the soap is less expensive then a regular bar.

Thanks for looking!



Soap Sampler with pottery soap dish



Morning Grump.. These bars are made with peppermint & spearmint EO.

These will be soap on a rope once they are cured.




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The stamp is of my logo. I included the link because if you click on it then the picture is larger and you can see more detail.

I ordered it through www.owossographic.com Believe it or not, your first die is free (you choose the shipping method and just pay for that). If they recieve your order before 10am EST they ship the same day. You need to order the 1/4" magnesium die on a wooden block. They were awesome to deal with and you cannot beat FREE. ;) I know why they do that because I want to order more...

It seems to work well if you stamp when your soap is very, very fresh.

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