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Any suppliers near or in Nevada?


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Tomorrow I am going shopping for whatever I need to TRY to make soap for the first time. I will be going to Michaels or Joanns. I've been reading your threads for days now and have made a list which consists of like 15 to 20 items now. Pretty confused and overwhelmed at this point but I'll deal with it.:o I want to get a kit but am too impatient to wait for it to be sent. *L* In reading these threads, I've noticed that a lot of suppliers are in the southern states. I haven't noticed any yet near or in Nevada. Does anyone know if there any near Nevada. When I go shopping tomorrow, I have to drive 90 miles to the nearest big town, deal with their traffic, deal with rain, spend way too much money because I finally got out of my tiny town, drive home 90 miles, unpack everything and then look at the receipts thinking...No more out of town trips for awhile. *lol* So if anyone knows of a supplier near Nevada, I'd appreciate the info.


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Hey neighbor!! Where in NV do you live??? I am 30 miles East of Reno, out in "Fern-Tucky". I used quite a few of the Cierra Candles scents. In CP I have used the Oatmeal Milk and Honey...which ROCKS, everyone (except my mom) LOVES it. I used their Cashmere Bliss and DO NOT suggest it in CP!! It siezed and immediately turned and bright orange and then settled into a nasty orange brown. They don't really carry any soapmaking supplies other than the FOs and Colorant that is CP safe (whatever that means), and they do have some pre-made bases for lotion and stuff. They are very nice there and the orders are ready for pick up usually the next afternoon.


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Dang Broadzilla, you sound just like me-living out in the sticks! LOL

I do the same thing, everytime I "get out" I over spend, it's like I'm afraid I'm never gonna "get out" of town ever again! LOL

Glad to have another West Coaster here, there are not many suppliers on this side of the US other than those mentioned, but for cheaper shipping there is Oregon Trail.

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Hi Michi!

I'm really bad when it comes to shopping out of town. I actually get tired of the unpacking when I get home. *lol* I too shop like I think I'll never "get out" again.

Days like today kill me. It's snowing and I swear people don't have a clue how to drive in it out here. It's already a long drive for me, let alone with snow and inexperienced drivers in this kind of weather.

I found the page where all the suppliers are listed by state. Ohio sure has a lot! Is there a specific reason why the West Coast is lacking in suppliers so badly?

I'll have to check out Oregon Trail. Thanks for the tip!

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Oooh don't get me started on bad drivers!!

I have NO idea why there aren't more suppliers on this side of the US, you would think there would be especially in CA-I mean we have just about everything else!

Yah, some states have tons (like OH) of suppliers-it's just not fair I tell ya!

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I was actually really surprised that Ca. didn't have a ton of suppliers! I lived there most of my life...oh no wait...that's not true anymore now I'm...well...nevermind. ANYWAYS!!! :o I always thought Ca had everything and then some.

Bad drivers...*lol* I am one. I never thought I was...until I had a head on collision. That qualifies me as a bad driver. The black ice kind of got in my way, and I wasn't considered an inexperienced driver at the time. So people that haven't driven in that kind of weather, REALLY scare me now.:shocked2:

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Hey Michi,

I went to Cierra Candles in Reno today! It was pretty cool!! Here is what they have for soap supplies:

M&P soap base

Soap Colors

Soap Scents

Soap Molds

Milky Way Molds

3D Soap Molds

Soap kits

And I was just looking at a different site in San Ramon Calif!! Here, check it out...


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Hey Broadzilla, how fun that you got to go to a supplier and shop-what did you buy? I would have went hog wild! :D

Thanks for the link to that other place, but I went to the site and their SALES office is in San Ramon, CA, but their DISTRIBUTION office is in NEW YORK! :(

That is sooooo wierd! What a bummer! I'd probably end up paying tax b/c of that and still have to pay top shipping for the distance. Not good!

Thanks though.

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Ohhh...sorry! Well that sucks! I went to their Contact Us page and saw San Ramon, Calif. I didn't look any further. Bummer. :undecided

At Cierra Candles I got a 10 pound slab of soy wax blend and a bottle of red candle dye. I want to dye one of these white bears red to match our school colors to see how it would look. Maybe a red tee shirt would look better, but I have no idea how to put one on while it's wet after dipping without getting wax all over the shirt?? I swear my house soon will have a little of something because I have to "try" everything out there. But no candles! No way...staying away from those! At first I was going to try to make some, but after reading this board.... I'll stick to making things that won't hurt anyone. *lol*

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Yeah!! :yay:

My big question is... Did you stand there and smell all the FO's! Everytime I go there, I have to smell at least a dozen and most of them i have already taken a whiff of... but still can't stop myself. It is a bummer that they don't carry more B&B supplies than the bases. I do like their FO's but let me give you a warning... the Cashmere Bliss will sieze on you in CP and turn a horrid orange color then morph to a brown color. Just my experience. Let us know how you like your stuff.


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