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Attach of the Killer FO

Pam W

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This is probably one of those things that 'I shoulda known better' but learned the hard way.

Been reading that it helps FO mix better if the FO is heated before added to wax. Ok, I heated & colored the wax, heated the FO(black cherry bomb), dumped it in the wax, gave a quick stir, took a big sniff and OMG - a hot plume of chemical hit my nose & went all the way to my tonsils. There was no cherry scent - just chemical. It was indescribably painful and by the end of the day the inside of my nose was blistered and sore all the way thru my sinsuses. Now, 6 days later I have a sinus infection. It's better today than yesterday. I can still smell so didn't do any permanent damage.

Guess the lesson here is to wait a little while before sticking my nose in the pot :whip:

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Carrie, I measured it out into a coffee cup and heated the outside w/the heat gun and obviously got it too hot. There was no chemical smell till it hit the wax which had vybar in it. I certainly will not do this again...with the ones I'm pouring today, I'm keeping my distance.

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