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Some soaps I've done recently (and not so recently)


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I haven't posted anything in a long while (yep I'm lazy what can I say?! :D )

This first one I did quite a long while ago and it took almost 3 months to harden up. I ended up cutting while it was pretty soft just to help it dry out a bit.

It's the BEST swirl I've ever done, but of course it's silver mica, so you can barely see it. :rolleyes2 Story of my life! (scented with Peaks BRV)


This one I'm pretty proud of- The Rounds at least-and the extra went into a log mold and I "tried to swirl it". (yah right) (scented with AH white ginger & amber)


This one got rock hard in a day, not sure why, but it's purple mica on the top and bottom and blue (was supposed to be green but it morphed on me) in the middle. (scented with AH Berries & Violets)


And last but definitely not least (this one came out pretty cool if I do say so myself) is my Fresh Mango I just did-I sure hope the scent morphs back, cuz I really like the way this turned out.


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Thanks everyone!! :D

The rounds are "swirled" with copper mica, so they look even better in person. Sparkly! ;)

They are in my opinion, the best looking soaps I've created yet.

I think the only reason I got a good swirl on the silver mica ones, is b/c this was the runniest soap ever, so maybe that's the trick? LOL

The last ones are HUGE elephant sized bars! LOL Still hoping that this scent morphs into something appealing. ;)

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