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Help with mixing FO

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It's according to the scents you have how strong each scent is and if you want more of one scent or the other or a nice blend. What one recipe calls for may or may not work for you. You just have to test what %'s you like best.

Sorry this may not have helped but there are so many verables to what quality or strength FO you have.

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LL: you mean like this??

humanimal waste manure of human and animal

Yep and this one a little below that one. This one sounds like a pyro to me. :shocked2:

I just found it. I can send you a sample if you provide me your shipping address or postal address.Hey!, I have a scent from a residue. If light properties are same of normal candles. produces wax and flame goes straight up with black smoke. I have about 9 kilograms at home. Could you find a manufacturer whom I can ship these raw materials to?... Please contact me on bshopaqs@upng.ac.pg...Alfred Iaita

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