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My Christmas Present Candles


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I bought these containers/jars at the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago and ran across the box last weekend. :o

They're not anything too special, but I wanted to see if I could post a picture for when I get that darn 16 oz Apoth burning right. LOL :D

This is the first test burn after approximately 4 hours. The flame looks a little high to me, but maybe it just needs to be trimmed.

The green one is scented with Sugared Spruce and the red one is Cozy Christmas. :)


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Those are wonderful Christmas gifts. And I love the name of the scents. Is that the name of the FO's or is it a "home brew"? Would love to know.

I got both the FOs at Candlechem. I particularly like the sugared spruce...to me it smells just like when you first bring a live tree in the house and "trim" it up so it will fit in the tree stand.

I appreciate all the wonderful compliments. :) I'm planning on using some of these for the kid's teacher's gifts. I may just have to keep a couple for myself to decorate with. :D

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