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? about Peak Magnolia in 4630

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This same exact thing has happened to me on several scents. I was wondering why also, because I haven't even started working on colors yet...just trying to get a good scent throw so I haven't added dye yet.

If you find out the answer, could you please share?

Thanks so much!


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I got this from Alan and I am thinking about trying a different wick and see if it still happens plus I am going to try using 6006. Oh and my grayish blue color isn't subtle either. HTH

We’ve seen what you’re talking about from time to time. There doesn’t seem t be a whole lot of rhythm or rhyme to it. Since it doesn’t happen that often, and the color change is subtle, I haven’t put a lot of thought into tracking down the source. What I suspect though is that there are minute traces of carbon flowing from the burning wick and mixing into the melt pool as it burns. It seems to happen more often with zinc core wicks too, which further reinforces my suspicion that it may have something to do with carbon from the wick.

Another thing that could be contributing to the visibility of the tinting is the translucency of the wax. The wax involved in the melt pool becomes more translucent after the candle has been burned (not as creamy or opaque). So, even a really slight tint can become more visible.

Is there a solution? I’m not sure. There are things you could try if you feel that it happens often enough to reproduce. Increasing the opacity of the wax by adding stearic or soy to your mixture might help. Also, changing the kind of wick may reduce the amount of carbon. But that is also going to be a function of the size and shape of your containers. So, any adjustments you may make for a one container may not apply to other containers.

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We are using the 10 oz apothecary jar.

I know what you mean about the white candle....I cannot remember what color our white one changed to, but I do remember not being too pleased! lol We will be test burning a white "baby powder" candle this week, so we'll see what happens with that one!

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