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lavender & tea tree - breast development in boys?


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I think too much of anything is bad for you - and that the threshold might be lower for a few and higher for most. There are what, at least 200 years of history around these without anyone making a connection before recently? The New England Journal or Medicine is a highly regarded peer-reviewed journal and I do trust what they say, but haven't read the research myself so I am taking it with a grain of salt. Also, it seems they haven't really pinpointed the connection.

I assume J&J, etc. are using FOs and not EOs so their products are probably not suspect.

I don't use lavender in lotions for my kids, even though my son loves lavender (not my daughter or myself LOL), and tea tree oil stinks and I would only use it for specific purposes in small amounts anyway.

I say be aware, be cautious, and go about your normal business...

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EOs do have effects on the body - that's why we use them and need to research them. They're not just a pretty smelling herb to use as a scent.

I'd like to see the original research too. This popped out at me

Others sounded less worried. "It takes very little estrogen to cause gynecomastia in a young child," said Dr. Richard Auchus, a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center hormone expert who knew of the study findings. "If they're getting it for a brief period of time, that really shouldn't cause long-term problems."

I think at the levels we use it at - 1% or less in leave in products - it's relatively safe.

There are people who use way too high a % of EOs in products, though.

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I have also read that over use of EOs can lead to liver damage too.

Crafty1-AJ, here's a link to a site that lists what they call truths and myths about soy:


This second link is to the same site but another page on soy:


I know a few people that feed baby girls soy milk cause they thought it was better and now the kids have health problems that their Dr's are linking to the soy formula.:undecided

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My daughter's weight dropped into the tenth percentile while she was drinking soy milk(14-24mos). Once she was able to digest cow's milk, she jumped right back where she should be. I know other kids who had slow growth while drinking soy milk then fast growth when taken off. It's a good thing I nursed her or she'd have been on soy earlier.

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