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My Logo Fixed


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Hi Everyone,

I told StacysScentsations(DH) that I was going to post the logo he made for me.

Check this out. he did it in no time flat.

I love it.

I was so stuck on a logo. I wanted something totally different.

Well he came through for me.

Thank you so much StacysScentsations(DH):yay:

Here is the fixed 1.


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To me the way it reads is she has 1 candle and many gifts. Am I wrong?

Yes and No!! :D It's kind of like John's Tire and Lube. He probably works with more than one tire...ya think? Or maybe Abe's Tractor and Supplies....probably has more than one tractor..or parts for more than one.. gettin the picture here? Or maybe I'm just crazy...that could very well be too!

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Yup, Candleman is correct. I am Candles & Gifts.

I need to whoop stacy with a wet noodle now. :D

I was so excited about the logo that I missed that.

I love this logo.....

LOL hey now, don't whoop me with a wet noodle, Hubby is the computer guy so I'll help you out and whoop him for you :shocked2: . It's still a great logo, lol but next time I'll edit for him!


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