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When you just need to buy wicks where to you go?


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I am in desperate need of some wicks, but that's it (well I COULD purchase a lot more but don't really NEED anything else ;) ), I'm currently using rustic essential wicks and peaks wicks, but it just kills me to pay sooo much for shipping just wicks, KWIM? :rolleyes2

I'm wondering if there is a supplier out there that is fairly reasonable on their wicks, and shipping of them. ???



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If you don't need a lot of wicks, I think Bitter Creek North is willing to use Priority Mail for small orders. If it's under a pound that would be $3.85.

Like Eugenia, I'm fond of CandleScience, but they're on the opposite side of the country from you and only use UPS. Bitter Creek is a good too and they have everything.

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