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Containers and Wax

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I am going to be able to have the time tonight to make a few pours in some new and highly experimental containers. All I have is regular ole hobby store parifin wax. It has turned out some good pillars and such, but what type of problems can I expect from this wax, seeing as I don't have enough time to buy and receive anything decent?

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I also made a candle with plain paraffin when I started out and it almost put me off containers permanently!!! Don't expect a stunning candle - normally pillar wax have a way higher melt point than a container wax. This means that yes, you will probably have a significant amount of shrinkage, you probably won't get a full melt pool very easily and you will probably see mottling and wetspots. There is a good reason why there is such a thing as container waxes, they are often blended with other additives to make them more suitable for the application, whether you are leaning towards paraffin, soy or a blend of the two.

So I guess what I am trying to say after all of that is just don't be put off. Part of the learning process is doing things that simply just won't work...:smiley2:


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Just a suggestion... if the jar has straight sides or ones that taper out at the top, you might want to strongly glue your wick tab down. It'll help keep the wax from falling out of the container after it shrinks ;)

Oh, and poking your relief holes like you would a pillar would probably be a good idea...

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