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Some GOODIES I've been working on


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I'm so excited about this first pic, didn't think I'd be able to do it! I dipped several individual petals in M&P and made a rose out of it.

2nd pic is a small "suit case" I bought at Michaels, all the products are scented in Pearberry.

The third is one of several baskets I'm putting together for Valentine's Day.

4th is some new scrub scents I did recently (yellow/green-Pearberry, Pink/yellow-Pink Grapefruit, and the purple/white- My Sweet Valentine).

Last pic is what I ended up doing dollop-wise on the soaps I posted help w/ a while ago. I went with Spiced Cinnamon Cake for the scent name- everyone that smelled it thought it smelled like cinnamon. The FO I used was Spiced Eggnog, but the cinnamon is really coming through and I needed a non-season scent name.

Thanks for looking :smiley2:






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:drool: :highfive: VERY cute!! I think that the pearberry for the suitcase is a great pick. Will you please tell me what size labels you are using on the malibu tubes...I am assuming that they are 4 oz bottles, correct me if I am wrong. I am having issues with mine and looking to change them. TIA if you don't mind sharing.:D
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