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more overdue soaps


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For your viewing pleasure...

First one is SW Pomegranate Noir - a bit perfumey for my taste, and the swirl was to be burgundy, but not bad overall...

The second is Scent Works Zen Tea - ITP swirl.

Frankly don't remember what the third one is, but I'll figure it out eventually. Something clean and masculine...

Fourth is my monoi de tahiti soap for a valentines' swap. Swirl is more of that Extreme Red.

And fifth was done in a log pouring medium trace simultaneously one one each side, Sanguino Orange and Patch...






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They all look great. :) Now how did you get that gorgeous red? TIA

Oh the red is really dark pink. It's Dragon Lily Extreme Red. I add quite a bit to get the dark pink, and haven't had the nerve to put in enough to get red yet. this time I was actually aiming for hot pink cause it's for Valentines' day, but I do plan to see just how much it takes to get RED red...

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In this bunch, the Zen Tea is my favorite. The Orange/Patch is actually about 6 months old and the fragrance is kick BUTT!!! (I added a bit of menthol to it, for added kick, just a bit mind you), but the colors faded a bit. It has a little TD in it as well


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