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woo hoo show results


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We had a fabulous two-day show this weekend. :yay: I did a little better than 6x booth. Pillars flew off the shelves. I was sooo happy. I went home Saturday night and tried to make more, but 3 stuck in the mold. Crap. I only sold one hurricane, but lots of people took forms to order one with their family photos! It was great weather, great crowds. We always had people in our booth (my feet are killing me!) and more came saying they followed the scent.

Amanda had a slow Saturday, but we rearranged on Sunday and she did much better. It was in a county park and there were sinks in the restrooms, but no soap. Amanda stuck a bar of soap in there and taped a biz card to the wall. What an ego boost when the ladies came asking who made that marvelous soap - and then bought a bar!

Our friend, also Amanda, joined us for her first show. She was plenty nervous but had nothing to worry about as she makes beautiful jewelry....evident by the fact that she won a 3rd place ribbon for the juried crafts, jewelry! :highfive:

I only have my pics...Amanda will have to post hers.

You have been invited to visit a photo album http://photobucket.com/albums/a372/gamcb/setp17crittenden/

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It was a good show, and I had a really good time doing it. Here are the pics I have. The pics my mom posted are from day 2 of set up. I really liked that set up better, although now we are talking about just getting 2 spots side by side.


Oh yea, DH said I had to keep all of the pics of him in. It's the many faces of Jim, lol.

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