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The Scented Bean


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Hi everyone! I was searching but couldnt find much of anything. I was wondering for those of you who have tried fo's from the scented bean, which ones have you tested in soy and which do you really like and dont like? I just got some samples and really like what I got OOB so far. Havent tried them yet, but they are Hazelnut Coffee, Raspberry Cream, Carmelized Pear, Vanilla Dreams, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mango Medley. I won the contest for August and got 6 of the TWO ounce oils for free!!! I was so happy! LOL :yay:

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OMG The Scented Bean is AWESOME

They work extra great in soy.

I have Seaside, Heavenly Cinnamon Buns (TO DIE FOR!!), Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla Dreams (OMG, HEAVENLY), Exotic Vanilla, Sweet Serendipity (not liking this should be a crime) and Peace (I LOVE IT) oh and Impeccably Pear. I may have more but have to check it out.

let me know if I can help if you need more info

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I love, love Nikki's FO's. The Mocha Cafe is rich and creamy, the Hazelnut Coffee Blend is as well. her new Cinnamon Cordial is wonderful. I could go on and on. Sea Spray and Jasmine is a beautiful scent and a big seller for me. I love everything I have tested.

I am testing sage n citrus now-it's a good one!

You can't go wrong with Nikki's FO's


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The Scented Bean oils are AWESOME! :cheesy2: So far, this is what is working for me in Calsoy CB-3:

Sage & Citrus

Carmelized Pear

Rose (wonderful rose)

Vanilla Dreams (love this one and has a good throw for a vanilla)

Cinnamon Stick

Sweet Serendipity


I may be forgetting some here.

In paraffin:

Almond Bicotti (STRONG -- have to cut down on the percentage on this one) I am sure this would will do well in soy too.

I have many more that I have not tested yet. You can't go wrong with the Scented Bean!


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the strawberry shortcake OOB smelled kinda tangy to me, but now that i have it in a votive, YUMMMMY!! I cant wait to try more of these scents!! The mango medley smells sooooo good!:drool:

I hate raspberry though, for those of you who do...you will love the raspberry cream. It is so strong it gave me the biggest headache in the world, so you could definately use less.

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