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Votive Molds

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Do you heat your votive molds?

If not, then I suppose this is why I'm getting the pin holes (pitting?) on the sides of my finish votives? (using the IGI 4794)

I read Alan's directions on making votives, and he doesn't mention heating votive molds anywhere in his directions, so am I causing my issue? :cry2:

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I do heat mine. Not real hot, just warm enough that a film doesn't develop isntantly as I pour the wax in. That film make the surface of mine ugly. If you over heat them and pour too hot, pinholes are likely.

I do run the heat gun over my molds just to take the chill off them, like above. They seem to come out smoother. I also get pinholes when working with a hard to mix in FO, like sugar cookie. I have to raise the temp. to get it to mix in, or I get lots of little bubbles of FO forming on the outside of the votives.

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