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Grainy Lip Balm


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Hi everyone!

Carolgrant gave me an awesome base recipie for lip balm (80% Jojoba, 20% beeswax). I changed it up just a little bit to be able to add Vit E, flavor, and color, so the recipie I work with is more like 79% Jojoba, 20% beeswax, and 1% Vit E. Then I add a few drops of FO and a few drops of sweetner, and some color from MMS.

Everything was great until today - I've been using my lip balm at work and it was perfect. But today I dug a little deeper into the pot and it was SO GRAINY! :lipsrseal I don't get it - the top half was fine, but the bottom is terrible! I've had other recipies be all grainy, but never had one half and half :undecided

I PM'd Carol (who was nice enough to write back right away) who suggested that instead of melting all of the Jojoba and Beeswax together at once, to just melt the beeswax with some of the Jojoba and then add the rest of the Jojoba and Vit E later. She also suggested possibly heating the pots a little bit before I poured...

We thought it would be interesting to see what others out here do. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

TIA! ;)

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First time I did it, I melted in a double boiler on the stove. That was when the wax was not melted completely and I didn't notice it because it was dark (did this at night). Some parts of my balm were smooth, but the parts with the unmelted bits were grainy. From then on I used the microwave. Just 30 secs at a time, take out and stir, then another 30 secs, and so on until done.

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It's the recipe, I think. I use

20% Beeswax

15% Cocoa Butter

25% Shea Butter

20% Castor

20% Apricot Kernel or Peach Kernel

The castor really helps! I make a large batch, then pour the leftovers into a canning jar. When I'm ready to make more, I heat the canning jar on the top of my double boiler and pour out what I need.

I melt all the ingredients in the DB as well.

Check out this guide from MMS Make Your Own Lip Balm

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I played with it a bit over the last couple of days (I use lip balm tubes, and actually do 30% beeswax and 70% jojoba in those) and found that if I didn't really mix the melted hot oils and beeswax together well the BW will get grainy and separate out. Also, I think I've seen this with other products if there is a partial melt due to weather.

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