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Room/Linen/Body Spray?


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Wasn't sure where to post this, so here goes. For those of you that make Room/Linen/Body spray's, do you color them? I am going to make up some Room Spray for the holidays and am using clear bottles and I can't decide if I should color them or not. Any suggestions? TIA Portia

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for body sprays I color them..and I use a base

for linen/room sprays ..which I have not made in a long time..I use aluminum bottles because you can add more FO and not worry about it being cloudy...again using a base.

I have also done the water/witch hazel/FO thing and..I have to say the bases are much better and hold the scent longer.. I did a test on my living room curtains..sprayed one with the mix...and on the other side of the room I used the base..and the base kept it scent longer.

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Thank you all so much for your suggestions. What do you find are your best selling fragrances in Room/Linen and Body Spray? I have a couple in mind, but need a few more scents. What I have so far is:

Room/Linen Spray

Apple Cinnamon

Potpourri Spice

Nag Champa

Body Spray

Sweet Pea

Crystal Blue Waters

Cucumber Cantaloupe


Tibetian Amber

Any other suggestions? TIA Portia

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Even though it would be pretty, I'd be wary of adding colors to a spray because of fabric staining.

That's why I quite adding color to my room spray. I had a customer complain ther were spots on her fabric car seats. She wasen't mad and I did have a warning on the label. Since that one complaint I pulled any colored room spray off the shelf and now only make un-colored.

I use clear bottles and if the FO makes the spray to dark I put the fabric staining warning on those.

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I'll just toss in my opinion as a customer since I don't make this stuff.

As a customer the first thing that would go through my mind at first sight of a colored spray is that i would wonder if it would or think/assume that it would stain certain things. (ok FIRST i'd think -'oh how pretty... but'- lol) I probably wouldn't bother the salesperson to ask if I wasn't sure. I'd just pass. If you are able to be real hands on, and you are confident enough about the product to say to each customer- 'don't worry that won't stain.' Then it's your choice, but I'd say not to color it. You just can't be explaining things all the time. I think products should sell themselves in that way. Good luck!

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