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? What is your #1 selling Bath & Body Item?


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..I am trying to figure out if I should add certain products or remove some..and I am wondering what is your #1 seller..


Lip Balm?


Sugar Scrub?


Right now mine is Scented Glitter Gelee..I figure that will change come season change..and it will go to lotion

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Soap is my number one seller also.

I too am trying to decide what to increase and what to decrease.

I have a pretty big show coming up this weekend and I don't think I have enough soap so I am doing some HP just to make sure I have enough to get me through. I really don't like the look of HP I would rather do CP but I don't want to run out of my best selling product.

Not sure what my next best seller is. I haven't had enough time in doing the shows to give any input. I just started doing shows earlier this year.

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Thanks everyone..I am really wanting to add lip balms..but not sure if where I live they would go based on the cost to make them and what I would have to sell them for..in order for it to be worth it...plus I want to make them for myself and family..

I am also making some gardeners gift baskets for my site and really wanted to add some balm or hand soap of some sort to them..:undecided

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For me it was whipped body butters, handmade soap and then lip balms.

Scrubs were working their way up the list pretty fast.

When the time arrives that I am able to reopen my business, I plan to keep it simple. These four products will be all I offer at first and thinking I may not carry the lip balms either. Oh well, time will tell. :D

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